What We Do

services-1Bids are on the house at Northwest Awning. We’re happy to come to your establishment to inspect wall conditions, check for any obstructions or other building challenges and to make sure the job conforms to city code.

Our bids are all presented properly in written form outlining design, fabrics, color, graphics and engineering specifications. We also supply drawings and samples to satisfy any management companies or architects involved with the project. Need a ballpark figure to get the ball rolling on a project? No problem, we do that too.

We’re well-versed in current municipal codes for Portland and it’s surrounding areas. We handle the entire permit process and all of our projects feature job-specific engineering performed by a state licensed engineer. With Northwest Awning, you can relax and let our years of experience guide the way through regulations, paperwork and red tape.

services-2We construct all of our awnings, umbrellas, free standing shelters and other similar structures at our state-of-the-art workshop in North Portland. Our hand-picked staff of skilled professionals take pride in their detail-oriented craftsmanship.

The majority of our frames are constructed from steel or aluminum, depending on the project’s engineering requirements. Once completed, our frames can be painted, galvanized or powder coated.

We work closely with engineers and architects to make sure all of our frames are welded in compliance to the most specific requirements. All of our frames are guaranteed for twenty years.

Our frames can be covered with metal, vinyl or a variety of fabrics. You can count on Northwest Awning to offer excellent advice and consulting on all the covering options for your project including the latest advancements in fabric technologies.

services-3All of our creations are installed by highly-skilled professionals and include transportation to the site and unloading. Our careful, well supervised installation process assures you of a perfect finish to your project and a look you can be proud of. We offer a variety of fastening solutions to mount our awnings to any structure.

If it is necessary for a city inspector to sign off on the completed project’s installation, we will coordinate the inspection. All of our awning installations are guaranteed for twenty years.

Northwest Awning specializes in creating custom covers for recovering existing awnings. Time and the elements can cause unsightly discoloration or damage to an otherwise perfect awning, whatever the reason we can make your awning look new again with a new cover expertly crafted for the perfect fit over your frame.

Need new lettering or artwork on your new cover? Our fully-featured graphics department has you covered. We specialize in recovering awnings!

services-4Our sign and graphics department is fully equipped to handle all of your artistic needs. From creating custom logos and graphics to making sure your existing files are handled properly, our team of talented designers makes Northwest Awning your one stop shop for your project.

We specialize in color matching and brand consistency so you can be confident that your image will be properly represented in your signage no matter what materials you choose to work with.

Our graphics department can create files from scratch, or work with your files created in:

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe Acrobat
Awning Designer
Google SketchUp

And more!